Speak Italian in 10 Minutes

By Manu Venditti | All Levels

Aug 01


In this video lesson I show you how you can start speaking Italian in 10 minutes… well, or whatever time it takes you!
As long as you start speaking, right?

9 Important guidelines:

1. Don’t overthink the structure
2. Use the right form of the verbs you know
3. Be aware of the gender of the nouns you intend to talk about
4. Adjectives (descriptive words) go AFTER the noun
5. Articles must match gender and numbers of the noun
6. You can guess many words! Just try!
7. Adjectives must match gender and number of the noun
8. In most cases you don’t need to use a subject before verbs
9. You can try and make up an Italian word when the English word is long and has many vowels, in the Italian fashion (e.i. “importante”)


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