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When every other method failed to get you to Italian fluency, we are the solution. Not an app. An actual language tutor!

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Whether you are new to learning Italian or have tried in the past (and didn't get too far), our Courses are designed to get you to Italian fluency without the frustration and disappointment of other methods. If your dream is to do more with the Italian language than just order a coffee and buy a train ticket, you have found the right place. At Italy Made Easy we are passionate about helping people like you GET Italian, not just get by with it.


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Join the mother of all Italian learning programs. From Zero To Italian has already helped thousands of learners like you to speak and understand everyday Italian.

Focusing on fluency and communication, this program will get you to express yourself freely and naturally, with ease and confidence. 

Go from not knowing any Italian at all, all the way to fluency.

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With our new revolutionary program, Learn Italian With Audio, you will have all the right tools to improve your Italian listening & comprehension. Designed to work for students of all levels, you will be glad you found it!

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A Podcast 100% in slow natural Italian, on a variety of interesting, cultural topics, with accompanying free downloadable resources!


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Created for English Speakers

We get it. You have been frustrated with other online Italian learning methods that insist on teaching you Italian… in Italian! How absurd is that? 

If you were able to understand their Italian explanations, you would not be needing their help!

You see, whether you already speak a second language or not, you are already a linguist, a language expert. You have mastered your native tongue, and ignoring all that knowledge would be silly, especially when learning Italian, with which English shares so much.

At Italy Made Easy we know (and have plenty of evidence for it!) that native speakers of different languages have different needs, challenges and advantages when learning a foreign language.

We bank on that, and help you shave off years of frustration and failures  and get you to Italian fluency faster, all while having a ton of fun!

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