TOP Italian Mistakes – #10 – PRONOUNCING VERBS (Future vs Conditional)

By Manu Venditti | Advanced

Italian Verbs: Pronouncing them right! (Future vs Conditional Tense)


One of the essential aspects of being able to speak Italian correctly is being able to conjugate verbs right.
You probably are doing that right, but are you pronouncing those verbs correctly?

A very common mistake many English speakers make when using the first person (“IO”) of verbs in the Conditional Tense is to mispronounce the ending…
this wouldn't be a huge deal if it wasn't that this incorrect pronunciation makes people think you just used the second person (“TU”) of the future tense!

Let's take the verb PRENDERE (“to take“).
In the future tense the conjugation would go like:

IO PRENDERÒ (I will take)
TU PRENDERAI (you will take)
LEI/LEI PRENDERÀ (she/he/you formal will take)
NOI PRENDEREMO (we will take)
VOI PRENDERETE (you guys will take)
LORO PRENDERANNO (they will take)

The Conditional of PRENDERE is:

IO PRENDEREI (I would take)
TU PRENDERESTI (you would take)
LEI/LUI PRENDEREBBE (she/he/you formal would take)
NOI PRENDEREMMO (we would take)
VOI PRENDERESTE (you guys would take)
LORO PRENDERANNO (they would take)

So, the first person of the conditional is:
PRENDEREI (I would take)

with the -EREI ending

While the second person of the future is:
PRENDERAI (you will take)

with the -ERAI ending

If your pronunciation of -EREI is off, you are saying -ERAI.
Thus changing not only the tense of your verb, but also the subject!

From now on make an effort to say -EREI with the second E pronounced correctly (like the E in the English word EGG)

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