Italian Accelerator – Episode 6 – Explainer Lesson #3

By Manu Venditti | Advanced

Jan 11

Italian Accelerator Episode 6
Explainer Lesson #3

Expressions explained in this lesson:

Ma come? Lo decidi? Sì!
“Ma come” is a way of saying a surprised “what do you mean?”
“Sì” is often used to end a sentence, to confirm the statement (just like “vero?” or “giusto?”)

Ho letto anche un libro, no?
“No” is often used to end a sentence, when confirming the statement (when we know it’s right anyway)

Smettere di dare la colpa agli altri
“Smettere” means “to quit”. It always uses the preposition “di”
“Dare la colpa” means “to blame”

Se mia madre mi avesse fatto fare questo
“Avesse fatto” is a pluperfect from the Subjunctive mood. It’s used in hypotheticals.

Se mio padre non mi avesse trattato così
“Avesse trattato” is a pluperfect from the Subjunctive mood. It’s used in hypotheticals.
“Trattare” means “to treat” in both English meanings

Tutti quanti abbiamo una storia triste  (all and sundry)
“Tutti quanti” is a stronger way of saying “tutti” (all, everybody). Equivalent to the English “all and sundry”, but used regularly

A un certo punto
Means both “at a certain point” and “suddenly”

Prendi in mano le redini della tua vita
“Le redini” are the reigns, from a horse! The sentence means “to take control of your life”

Lo sai quello che vuoi?
“Quello che” is necessary in this sentence to mean “that which”. An easier, yet less common way to say that,is with the word “cosa”

Non hanno questo o non hanno quello
“Questo e quello” are often used together to mean “this and that”.

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Each Episode is made up of two components
First a chat 100% in Italian between me and one of my Italian friends. These chats are 100% real, authentic, unscripted Italian, including very colloquial expressions and … at full speed! Just like you would speak with your friends in your language. 

Then there is an Explainer Lesson, this time in English, where we revisit the chat in Italian and analyze its content, including:

– vocabulary
– slang
– idiomatic expressions
– specific grammatical points

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