Italian Accelerator – Episode 6 – Explainer Lesson #7

By Manu Venditti | Advanced

Italian Accelerator Episode 6
Explainer Lesson #7

Expressions explained in this lesson:

Una sorta di accento
“A sort of”, just like in English.

È cominciata per una scelta di salute
“Cominciare” used “essere” as the auxiliary when the subject is inanimate, and “avere” when the subject is animate.

Peggio della carne sono i latticini
Strange sentence structure, right?

Abbiamo scoperto dei video terribili (terrific)
“Dei” is a partitito, used in Italian to mean “some”

Cerco di non insistere mai
“Cercare” used the preposition DI when followed by an infinitive.

Non è che condanno nessuno (it’s not like I’m condemning)
“Non è che” is added to sentence to emphasize the meaning “it’s not like I…”

Piano piano (pian pianino)
Slowly slowly, little by little!

Prima o poi
Sooner or later

A parte il discorso etico
“A parte” means “besides”

Voglio dire
“I mean”, as an interjection.

Italian Accelerator is the course you've been dreaming of for the longest time! 

Each Episode is made up of two components
First a chat 100% in Italian between me and one of my Italian friends. These chats are 100% real, authentic, unscripted Italian, including very colloquial expressions and … at full speed! Just like you would speak with your friends in your language. 

Then there is an Explainer Lesson, this time in English, where we revisit the chat in Italian and analyze its content, including:

– vocabulary
– slang
– idiomatic expressions
– specific grammatical points

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