CoSchedule Review

By Manu Venditti | All Levels

Jan 13

Is Coschedule the best tool to help you run and automate your blog?

SPOILER ALERT: yes it is!

If you run a blog or a YouTube channel, or both (like I do), and you think you suck at social media (like I do!) I may have found the solution!

Hello everyone! My name is Manu and I run a YouTube channel with over 21,000 subscribers. I am a busy person and I spend a lot of my time creating videos, building courses, planning blog posts and a million other things. Probably like you. And, honestly, social media has always been the least of my priorities (even though I know it should be at the top of my list!).

Of course I have tried a plethora of social media schedulers, but never really saw the benefit of using them since they still require a lot of manual work on your part and they are just not complete tools (I’m thinking Buffer, Post Planner, Meet Edgar and the likes).

A few weeks back I found a Social Media Scheduler with a twist. In fact, it wasn’t even marketed as a Social Media Scheduler. I gave it a go (they offer a 14 day free trial) and, oh boy, am I glad I did! The tool is CoSchedule.

I’ve been using CoSchedule for just a few days now, but the difference it has made in my business is remarkable.

CoSchedule is marketed as the number 1 marketing calendar, and believe me, It IS the number 1 marketing calendar. CoSchedule does more than just social media. It’s an editorial calendar for your blog, a team management and communication tool, a Social Media machine on steroids, and, with ReQueue turned on, it’s an automated Social Media poster.

Assigning a task to a team member

CoSchedule allows me to work with my team. I can easily add my team and assign roles for each of them. Since CoSchedule integrates beautifully with my WordPress blog, I can create task lists for my team members, and follow their work right there, without the need of using other tools, such as Slack or other Team Communication apps.

Another awesome feature is that whatever you can do from within your WordPress site, you can do directly from CoSchedule’s website!

CoSchedule Review

Planning and Scheduling a Blog Post

CoSchedule also lets me plan my blog posts. For example, I can plan a blog post (or a thousand) to be published next week. I can create a draft using CoSchedule, choose a publishing date, assign tasks to my team members, set reminders etc. You can do this at CoScedule’s website or inside your WordPress site; either way all the scheduled posts will appear beautifully in your calendar.

To start a blog post using the CoSchedule plugin within your WordPress blog, go to Calendar.

CoSchedule Review


It will direct you to your calendar where you will be able to see your entire week, month, or year plan. The page looks like this:

CoSchedule Review


Let’s say that for Saturday, I know what I am going to publish. I will just simply click the date on the calendar and it will ask me to choose what I would like to create an Article, a Blog Post, a Social Media message, an Event, a Note or a Task.

CoSchedule Review

Since I am going to show you how to create a blog post in CoSchedule, I will click on Blog Post.

When I click on blog post, CoSchedule immediately creates to a blank page like this:

CoSchedule Review


To start, I have to create a title and type it in the title box.


CoSchedule lets you be fully organised. It will allow you to put a color label to each of your blog. You decide how to use the color labelling. To do that, just click on the + Label at the upper right side of your screen.

CoSchedule Review

You can then already assign the blog to yourself or a team member, whoever you want to complete the blog entry. Just click on the + Owner on the upper right side of the screen. You will see a drop down menu with a list of your team members.

CoSchedule Review


And then click on Create Blog Post.

CoSchedule Review


Please take note that this blog post is still a draft. Once you click on the Create Blog Post button, you will be given a few options as to how you would like to create your blog post. You can use CoSchedule’s text editor, upload a pre-written document, use WordPress’ standard editor, Google docs, and a few more options!

CoSchedule Review


This is what the CoSchedule’s text editor looks like:

CoSchedule Review

Headline Analyzer

What’s nice about CoSchedule is that they will help you find the best headline for your blog. They call it Headline Analzer. It is located inside the same page after you click on Create Blog Post, just under the title. Just click on the Headline Analyzer.

CoSchedule Review


CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer is a free headline analyzer that will score your overall headline quality and give you directions on how to improve it. This will get more engagement, shares, and traffic back to your blog posts and perform better with search engines.


Another awesome feature of CoSchedule is that it allows you to make checklists. To access the checklist while creating a blog post, just click on the small square located at the upper right of your screen

CoSchedule Review


In my case, I created a standard Blog Post checklist that looks like this:

CoSchedule Review


Once created, any checklist can be turned into a Template that can be loaded and applied to any future blog posts! You’re starting to see the power of CoSChedule?

Social Campaigns

But here’s the real beauty. On that same page, CoSchedule allows you to plan a social media campaign instantly! You just have to click on the plus sign (+) just below the Add a Social Campaign.

CoSchedule Review


You can plan your social media post from the day the post is published, the day after, a week later, or any other custom date you choose! That’s so easy to use and really very useful to keep putting your content in front of your audience.

Let’s try how it works. In this case, I have already written my blog post, so when I click on the plus sign (+) below the Add a Social Campaign, CoSchedule automatically generated a Social Media Message for me with the link to my blog post and an image (yep, it will automatically pull images from your post!).

coschedule review

To give you an example, I will create a post for Today. Today means not literally today, but the day that the post will be published.

So when you click on Today, you will have the option to choose which Social Media Network you’d like your message to be posted. You may choose as many as you like:

CoSchedule Review


So what do we want to include in our message? Automatically, CoSchedule will add the Title and the link to you blog post. Of course you can type whatever you want in your message, change the image etc.

You can either create a new social message, or use a premade template.

CoSchedule Review


You also have the option to set the time the Social Message with be published. Or you can let CoSchedule figure out the “Best Time”. Once you’re done, click on Add Message.

With CoSchedule, you can now actually plan a whole year’s worth of social media messages and never worry about publishing on Social Media! 

Drag and Drop on Calendar

With CoSchedule you can simply drag and drop any scheduled content (Blog Post, Social Media message, Team task, anything!) to another date. It’s that easy.

CoSchedule Review


CoSchedule also has a Social Media auto-posting feature called ReQueue, that you can turn on or off at any time. ReQueue allows you to add planned Social Media messages that are recycled and posted randomly (you decide how randomly) that will fill in the gaps of your other social media posts that have been planned already.

You can even turn a standard blog post into an evergreen Social Media message! (Trivia: I contacted CoSchedule’s support last week expressing the desire for this feature… a few days later, here it is!).

CoSchedule Review


In ReQueue, you can create groups and fill them with messages. In my case, I have groups such as, Conversation Starters, Funny Italian Stuff, Good Mornings… This way my audience is always engaged in Social Media. Once these messages are sent out, I can go in and interact with my tribe!

To start, choose a Category and then click on Add Message. A lightbox will pop up and you choose which type of message you’d like to make, its contents and to which account would you like it to post.

Once you’re done setting up messages for your account, you can now go to ReQueue Settings located on the upper right of the page.

Here you can visually decide when you want your ReQueue’d messages to be sent out (this is based on your timezone).
On that same page just below the calendar, you can set the sending limits of your ReQueue messages for each Social Media Network.

Don’t worry re-queue is designed to not look spammy! It won’t send the same message more than twice a month! How cool (and safe) is that?



Things I love are:

  • The ability to automatically create a multitude of Social Media messages when publishing a blog post (with one click, via Templates)
  • The CoSchedule is fully integrated with my WordPress blog (calendar shows schedule posts as well as social media messages)
  • Rescheduling anything by simply dragging it to another day on the calendar
  • Team management from within the app (checklists!!!!!)
  • ReQueue to fill in the gaps in Social Media messaging

The things I would love more if they were improved:

  • Being able to add ReQueue messages to multiple Social Media Networks at the same time (currently you need to add the “message” for each individual SMN
  • Being able to force specific ReQueue messages to only be sent out on specific days/dates (for example holiday specific messages, happy Sunday everybody etc)
  • Being able to duplicate a scheduled Social Media message from within the calendar

Things I really really don’t like…

  • None. Seriously!

To wrap things up, CoSchedule has a ton of different features that have made my workflow so much more efficient and, let’s be honest, it has made it possible for me to finally have a consistent presence on Social Media.

See for yourself what CoSchedule can do for your business. Start your 14 day trial here.

Please note that this is my personal opinion of CoSchedule. It’s based on my experience and I truly love this tool. The links I am including are affiliate links, which means that I will receive a small compensation from CoShedule should you choose to sign up. This does not affect your cost. And in no shape and form does has this influenced my opinion of CoSchedule.

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