Cycling in Italy: The Italian “Giro”

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Do you like going for bike rides? Are you a cycling enthusiast? Well then you will find this podcast episode particularly interesting!

Many Italians like to ride their bikes, especially if they live in a small town where it’s much easier to get around on a bike as opposed to taking public transport and where there is little traffic.

But that’s not all! Cycling is so loved in Italy that there is an event, of an international level, that is all about cycling: the Giro d’Italia! This is a very famous annual cycling race taking place on Italian streets and roads. Are you ready to learn some very interesting facts about this much-loved Italian sporting event?

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1. In Italia l’uso della bicicletta è molto diffuso
The use of bicycles in Italy is widespread

2. La bicicletta è ottima da usare nelle città italiane con molto traffico
Bicycles are great to ride in Italian cities that have lots of traffic

3. Il Giro d’Italia è una manifestazione nata recentemente
The “Giro d’Italia” is an event that began recently

4. Il percorso del Giro è sempre in pianura
The course of the “Giro” is always on level ground

5. Il Giro parte dall’Italia e poi attraversa tutta Europa
The “Giro” leaves from Italy and then crosses all of Europe

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