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If you dream of being able to confidently communicate in Italian, beyond the basic functional level,
you are in the right place!

At Italy Made Easy we are experts at giving you the tools to fully express yourself in Italian and reach fluency in the fatest and most efficient way.

Our Mission

Italy Made Easy was specifically created with the native English speaker in mind. My mission (as a linguist, polyglot and academic) is to empower you to feel confident in speaking and understanding Italian. On this website you will find bi-lingual content, all designed to support you in your journey to learning, improving and mastering the beautiful Italian language, as well as the Italian culture. With a ton of video and audio lessons, downloadable materials and targeted courses, you'll never be out of things to learn and practice!

Many Ways to LEARN ITALIAN With Us

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Structured Courses

The best way to learn Italian with us is by taking a course within the From Zero to Italian program. This program was created to take anyone from not knowing any Italian at all, all the way to fluency in the fatest possible way. 

With eight courses to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect course for your level and to progress quickly.  

With easy to follow in-depth video lessons, practice materials, a strong focus on real communication, a community of thousands of fellow learners and passionate native Italian speakers there to support you along the way, you WILL get to Italian fluency. 

If you've tried other programs or methods in the past and never got too far, our course are a game changer! s

Learn Italian with Audio

Our ground-breaking Learning Programs built around an original Audio Novel in Italian are designed to take your Italian Listening and Comprehension skills to the next level.

Invest in yourself:  12 week programs to achieve full comprehension of our audio novel: dialogues, vocabulary, colloquial expressions and even regional accents!  

Develop a more natural Italian and learn to understand casual, spoken Italian better.

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Learn on the go with our Podcast 100% in slower Italian

Each episode is filled with natural colloquial expressions and useful vocabulary and you will find yourself addicted to these in no time! 

Listen to clear Italian spoken at an easier to follow speed. But don't worry… this is still challenging! 

To make it easier for you, for each episode we provide a free PDF with the episode's transcription and a handful of comprehension questions. 

Your Italian listening and comprehension skills are set to skyrocket with Italy Made Easy Podcast! 

Free Video Lessons & Blogs

For more casual and light-hearted opportunities to learn Italian and deeper your knowledge of the Italian culture, we publish lots and lots of Free Video lessons and Blog Post.

You will never run out of things to watch or read in or about the Italian language! Evviva!

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Social Media

Follow Italy Made Easy on Social Media for an endless suppy of entertaining posts all geared towards your learning of the beautiful Italian language.

With a ton of LIVE lessons where you get to play games with your host, Manu Venditti (all in Italian – yes!) or have a chance to ask your grammar questions for a clear explaination (in English, so there is never any confusion!)

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