Improve your Italian – Why You Are Stuck

By Manu Venditti | Advanced


Improve your Italian Now. Yes you can.

In this controversial video, I go over the top 5 reasons why you might not be as good as you think you should be after all the time and effort you put in learning Italian.

This video is for students who have been studying for at least one year. Or sometimes two, or three, or ever four!
By this stage, you should be DECENT at Italian (or any other language that uses the roman alphabet).
If you are not, you may be m making some or all of these mistakes:

You are…

  1. Believing the “I'm too old to learn a language” myth (or its relative “I'm too old so i can't remember new words”)
  2. Focusing on the wrong things (you are not using your time productively)
  3. Obsessed with grammar accuracy and mastery
  4. Not learning from native speakers & authentic speech
  5. Refusing to speak

I go in detail in the video lesson, so please do take the time to watch it!
You might also want to watch this video on dealing with the fear of speaking!

To improve your Italian do the opposite of this, or, ever better, watch next week's video lesson!

Improve your italian

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