5 Ways to Improve your Italian Now – An Effective language learning Strategy to improve your Italian

By Manu Venditti | Advanced

Dec 12


5 Ways to Improve your Italian Now.

An Effective language learning Strategy to improve your Italian

In this lesson I share my strategy for learning a new language, especially when you feel stuck and haven’t made the progress you think you should have made.
Just like Video 1 on this topic, this lesson applies to anyone who’s studied Italian (or another European language) for more than a year and isn’t happy!

You see, if you’re not at the level you want to be, it’s because your language learning strategy hasn’t been serving you.
Maybe it’s time to change your approach.

In this video lesson I suggest you do the following:

  1. Time: spend at least 3 hours a week actively studying Italian (or other language)
  2. Grammar: quit focusing on it! Spend no more than 30 minutes a week (after a year of studying you should have already been exposed to most of it!)
  3. Listening: Spend 90 minutes of your time LISTENING to authentic speech in Italian (not Italian learning material but material made for Italians)
  4. Speaking: Spend 90 minutes of your time SPEAKING Italian to native speakers (watch this video if you don’t know any Italians to talk to)
  5. Vocabulary & Grammar: Study these in your downtime – waiting for the bus, instead of a TV show, etc (on top of your 3 hours/week)

I go in detail in the video lesson, so please do take the time to watch it!

Improve your italian

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