Italian Cultural Events:
“La Barcolana” in Trieste

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Do you have a bucket list of your must-see, must-do Italian experiences? If so, then the Barcolana absolutely has to be amongst them! Being the nation of art and culture, Italy is home to a breath-taking variety of interesting and unique cultural events that occur in every corner of the country, and in this podcast we will discover the Barcolana.

The Barcolana is an international sailing regatta that takes place during October in Trieste, a seaside city in the north of Italy. Trieste has hosted this sailing regatta every year since 1969. Even if you aren’t overly interested in sailing, witnessing the most crowded regatta in the world is an unmissable Italian cultural experience!

This podcast is in 100% Italian – spoken at a slower pace, in clear and authentic Italian. It has been designed specifically as a Listening and Comprehension exercise to help you improve your Italian. Download the bonus PDF for some super useful learning resources, including the full transcript and great comprehension exercises.

Italy Made Easy Podcast is a language learning tool, not just yet another podcast.
It is a great way for you to work on your Italian Listening and Comprehension skills.  

Don’t just listen to this Episode as you would any other Podcast in your native language! 
You are here to improve your ability to speak and understand Italian, and you will if you use these resources strategically.

Below are clear and simple instructions on how you should use these learning materials.


  • Read the TRUE/FALSE questions below; they will help you focus on the main points you need to listen out for.


  • Listen to the audio once. Don’t focus on trying to understand every single word and sentence.
    The aim is to get the overall meaning. What is Manu talking about?
  • Listen to it again and see if you can pick out the key words and find the answers to the questions as you listen.
  • Listen to the audio as many times as you need – the more you listen the more you will understand. Try and identify words that you don’t know the meaning of and look them up.
    The most important thing is that you listen more than once!

Download the Bonus PDF

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Here are your TRUE/ FALSE Comprehension questions.

You will find the answers to these questions and even more questions in the Bonus PDF.


1. La Barcolana è nata come regata per campioni di vela
The Barcolana was born as a regatta for sailing champions

2. Se non andate in barca la Barcolana è noiosa
The Barcolana is boring if you don’t go on a boat

3. È possibile partecipare alla Barcolana anche se non si è di Trieste
It’s possible to participate in the Barcolana even if you are not from Trieste

4. La Barcolana è la gara velica più affollata del mondo
The Barcolana is the most crowded sailing race in the world

5. La Barcolana si tiene in primavera
The Barcolana is held in Spring

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