ITALIAN ETIQUETTE – What to do when Italians invite you to dinner

By Manu Venditti | Advanced

ITALIAN ETIQUETTE – What to do when Italians invite you to dinner

Today’s video is quite different as we are starting a new series of videos that I’ve been wanting to make. I know we love to learn the language but in this series we will be focusing on the Italian Culture a lot more.

Let’s start!

So you’ve gone to Italy, made some friends, and now they’re inviting you over for dinner. What should you do? How does a social dinner work in Italy?

What to wear?

Wear something nice. Don’t show too much skin. Wear closed foot wear (specially if you’re a man!). No flip-flops. Never wear a hat at the table.

What to bring?

Don’t go empty handed. You must bring something but it should NOT be a dish. You can bring pastries, wine, ice cream, ice cream cakes or flowers for the house.

What you should know?

Big Meals – Italians eat a lot. There are multiple courses and the servings are big. If you’re not used to eating a lot, ask for small servings instead of not finishing the dish.
Coffee – Italians finish off their meals with a coffee even if it’s midnight.
Digestivo – Italians are not big drinkers but ending a meal with a little sip of liquor is definitely a thing in Italy. In Italy, alcohol is served to everybody, including teenagers!
Late Hours – Italians eat later than English speaking cultures.

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