ITALIAN TRAITS – Five ways Italians are different from English speaking Cultures

By Manu Venditti | Advanced

ITALIAN TRAITS – Five Ways Italians Are Different From English Speaking Cultures

Today we are looking at five traits that make us Italianswho we are”, and these are sometimes very different from English-speaking cultures. So, what I’d like to do in this short video is to go over what I believe are five big differences between English-speaking cultures and Italians.

Here are the 5 traits:

1. Directness

-Italians are extremely direct, sometimes to the point of appearing (or being) quite rude to people.
This directness though makes for easier interaction with people, as it is pretty clear who doesn’t like you! 

2. Spontaneity

-Italians are usually very spontaneous when interacting with each other which makes
them more gregarious. This can often translate in being too much in your face and space! 

3. Rule Bending

-Italians usually do what they want without being too concerned about authority. Everyone’s focus is the get the best deal they can from any given opportunity. Being rule-benders also means a lot more flexibility and usually everything can be done! 

4. Liberal

-Italians are quite liberal. Overall Italians are quite comfortable with nudity. It’s common for both men and
women to wear revealing clothes. So, if you came from a more conservative society this will shock you! 

5. Family Bond

-Italians have a strong family bond. No matter the side of the family, Italians tend to stick together and family gatherings can be huge. Family is always there to support you. And judge you and control you, of course! 

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