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Our Italian language courses get the job done. At Italy Made Easy we work hard to put together most effective Italian language courses in the industry to benefit people like you, who have a true love for all things Italian and who have a dream to be able to communicate naturally and confidently in Italian.
If you've tried Apps and other magic tricks, five minute Youtube videos, listen and repeat methods, phrase books or even in-person courses or tutoring, chances are you have learned some useful things but the truth is… you know you are not a confident speaker of Italian. Yet! 
Trust us though: if you have tried Italian before and failed (or just didn't get too far), it was not your fault; it was the method you used that failed you
We are certain you can learn to communicate in Italian and be excellent at it.
We have thousands of students who are a testament of that. And we are eager to add you to the list of committed people who we've helped become fluent in Italian.
And, if you are totally new to Italian, you'll be glad you found us now! This will save you years of frustrations and disappointment!
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Intermediate Levels

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A different approach that yields results

Sample Italian Lesson

Our Courses are different. You are never treated like a child.

In fact, Manu's teaching method is based on comparative linguistics, a fancy way of saying that you are going to leverage your fluency in English to draw quick comparisons with Italian.

This makes you learn at a much faster pace compared to the methods that use Italian to teach Italian. 

Imagine learning how to read and write music, without a single explanation in a language that you fully understand, like… your native language! That's exactly what many students attempt to do with Italian and end up frustrated and defeated. Not on our watch! 

Our students get to speak and understand spoken Italian way before students of other methods because, with our courses, you learn to overcome the fear of speaking, empowered by your knowledge and confidence in how the Italian language works.


Extra Strong Money Back Guarantee

-for complete peace of mind-

We are so confident in the efficacy of our courses that we can back them up with a
 30 Day, No-Questions-Asked, Full Refund Money Back Guarantee

Use the course, take lessons, submit assignments, ask questions in the forums… there are no restrictions on how much or how little you use the course. 

If you are not fully thrilled with the results you are getting, or simply never have the time to even start the course, we got your back. Just email us requesting a refund and we will honor it

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

You can take a course at your convenience. There are no start or finish dates. All content is available online and you have lifetime access to it. This means you can move at your own pace.

Can i try a course before i enroll?

We have an incredibly high success rate with our students and we are sure you too will succeed at your goal of speaking Italian that we back all our courses with a 30 Day, no questions asked, Money Back Guarantee. This means you can try a course for three months with absolutely no risk! We know this is much better than a 7 day free trial! 

what's the difference between 'course only' and 'vip' version?

Both versions of each course are complete. You get all the video lessons, downloadable resources, interactive quizzes, access to the forums and our support. The VIP version gives you the added bonus of submitting your homework and voice recordings for personalized feedback and grading by our team of native Italian speakers. This means you will be able to constantly improve your pronunciation and check on your progress. As a VIP student you also get a verifiable Certificate of Completion, if your final course average is above 70%. 

do i have to submit assignments?

Assignments are included in the VIP version of our courses. If you prefer to not send your homework and recordings, we recommend you enroll in the ‘Course Only' version. Our Certificate of Completion can only be issues to VIP students who have completed all Assignments and Quizzes. 

are there grammar quizzes in the courses?

You bet there are! While our method is focused on communication and getting you to speaking fluency, it is no secret that ‘From Zero To Italian' has probably the best lessons on Italian Grammar and, there's no doubt, you will feel very confident by the end of your course. To help you check your progress we give you access to fantastic self-grading interactive quizzes. We also make sure to give you a clear explanation of all answers in the results page of each quiz! This way, you are never left wondering! 

what if i need help?

At Italy Made Easy we are all about your personal success with the Italian language. When you enroll in one of our courses, you are automatically joining a family who truly cares about your success and you are never alone. You can reach out to us in the forums (each lesson has its own forum section so all questions and answered are grouped together for easy access); our forums are monitored by our team of native Italian speakers and we have all the answers you need! Plus, you can count on the help, knowledge and encouragement of thousands of other students! 

Can i enter the 'from zero to italian' program at any level?

Yes you can. You can enroll in any of the courses in the program. We can help you select the right course if you are unsure. Our programs do not follow the traditional approach by which language levels are based on the knowledge of grammar points. While grammar is an essential component of a language, we know that notions of grammar alone do not automatically translate into conversation and confidence in Italian. For this reason, our levels focus on your communication skills. This might mean that your level within our program might be lower than what other programs may have told you. We know this will serve you better and you can work on the skills that will actually get you to fluency.

what if i enroll in the wrong level?

No problem whatsoever! We are here for you and we want your success. You will learn to communicate in Italian with us and if that means moving you to a different course, up or down any number of levels, we will always be there to support you! We are your Italian family and you can count on our help, all the time. We listen and support you. This is not evil corporation! Just reach out! 

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