Italians’ obsession with Soccer

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Saying that Italians like soccer is more than just an understatement – they are totally obsessed! What is it about this particular sport that keeps Italians glued to their TV screens or makes them come together in such huge numbers in stadiums?

Soccer is a sport of ancient origins, being played since the times of Ancient Greece more than 2000 years ago! In this podcast episode we will discover in more detail the sport’s history and in particular how and why it has taken such a prominent position in the Italian way of life.

This podcast is in 100% Italian – spoken at a slower pace, in clear and authentic Italian. It has been designed specifically as a Listening and Comprehension exercise to help you improve your Italian. Download the bonus PDF for some super useful learning resources, including the full transcript and great comprehension exercises.

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Here are your TRUE/ FALSE Comprehension questions.

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1. Manu ama il calcio
Manu loves soccer

2. Gli italiani amano lo sport ma spesso non lo praticano
Italians love sport but they don’t often play it

3. In Italia esistono molte squadre di calcio
In Italy there are many soccer teams

4. Le squadre di calcio italiane più grandi sono quotate in Borsa
The biggest Italian soccer teams are listed on the Stock Exchange

5. I tifosi non vanno mai allo stadio e guardano solo le partite alla tv
The fans never go to the stadium and only watch the game on tv

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