How and why I decided to start teaching Italian (my personal story)

By Manu Venditti | Advanced

How and why I decided to start teaching in Italian? (My Personal Story)

Hi! This is Manu again, and welcome back to this short Italy Wise series!

Italy Wise is a blog full of information about Italy and is owned by a good friend named Jed. His blog is very useful for people who have plans of visiting Italy for a short period of time or even people who wants to stay in Italy permanently.

As I mentioned on the intro video, Jed and I did some sort of collaboration where he will give me 6 questions and each question will be answered by me using YouTube videos.

The first question that Jed asked is: “How and why did you decide to start teaching Italian?”. He said that he was curious if it’s whether out of love for languages or out of love for teaching.

So, how did I start teaching Italian?

Back when I was 18, I went to an international school in Trieste for translators and interpreter where there were a lot of international students. Then I moved to Australia to work as a translator.

One day I was asked by a friend who was working as an italian language teacher at a private language school to replace her for a few weeks. During that short time I was a substitute teacher, I realised that I love teaching and that’s how I started teaching Italian language at a university.

And then YouTube came. I made a few videos for my students and realized that it gained thousands of views. Since then, I have developed and (definitely still improving!) my channel and been trying to merge these two – academic and entertaining way of teaching Italian.

For all learner of Italian: beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level.

Have you watched the video? Is it love for teaching? Or love for language? Watch the video now to know the answer!

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