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Hi! This is Manu again, and welcome back to my short Italy Wise series here on YouTube!

Italy Wise is a blog full of information about Italy and is owned by a good friend named Jed. His blog is very useful for people who have plans of visiting Italy for a short period of time or even people who wants to stay in Italy permanently.

As I mentioned on the intro video, Jed and I did some sort of collaboration where he will give me 6 questions and each question will be answered by me using YouTube videos.

The fourth question I am going to answer from Jed is “What do you see as being the most frequent mis-steps when a person begins learning Italian?” He also said that he is curious about my perspective on this as an Italian. For example, understanding the basic respect and politeness in greetings and interactions.

For me, the first mis-step that a person learning Italian makes is being too casual. In Italy, the culture and the language has different levels of formality and politeness. At the basic level, we have the “Tu” and the “Lei”.

If you speak to an Italian and used the word “Tu”, you are being casual. In Americans, it’s like saying, “Hey buddy!” which is too casual to say to a stranger.

Not getting the formality right, is one of the mis-steps of a person just starting to learn Italian.

Not making an effort to pronounce Italian words as correctly as you can is the second mis-steps in my list. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to sound native but you definitely have to pronounce the vowels right.

The third mis-steps a person learning Italian makes is not understanding that Italy is not just a place to speak a different language but also a country that has its own culture, values, and rules. The biggest mistake that you could be making is to expect things to work the same way as back home.

Do you think you’ve made one of the mis-steps I mentioned above? I also gave other examples of mis-steps. Watch the video to know.


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