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Hi! This is Manu again, and welcome back to my short Italy Wise series here on YouTube!

Italy Wise is a blog full of information about Italy and is owned by a good friend named Jed. His blog is very useful for people who have plans of visiting Italy for a short period of time or even people who wants to stay in Italy permanently.

As I mentioned on the intro video, Jed and I did some sort of collaboration where he will give me 6 questions and each question will be answered by me using YouTube videos.

The fifth question I am going to answer for Jed is “Can you share the Italian point of view when a foreigner comes  and attempts to speak Italian?

Most Italian don’t know how to speak English (or are not good in English!). In Italy, we study English at school but we don’t actually learn to speak and understand. And the second point is that Italians are scared of speaking English.

There are two problems in approaching an Italian in English, the first one is when you’re dealing with the honest people (majority), the interaction is dry and quick because they don’t want you making them speak English.

The second problem is when you’re dealing with the dishonest Italians (which are many too!). If you speak to these dishonest Italians in English, it is like you’re giving them permission to manipulate you to their benefit. For example, over-charging you or scamming you.

Going to Italy without knowing Italian language has two disadvantages, first is the lowered level of interaction from Italian people. And secondly is giving dishonest Italians an opportunity to take advantage of you.

To wrap it up, most Italians don’t know English, and if they do, they are scared of using it. Italians are lovely people!

Have you watched the video? I mentioned a few more insights about the Italy and the Italians in the video. Watch the video now!


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