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Hi! This is Manu again, and welcome back to my short Italy Wise series here on YouTube!

Italy Wise is a blog full of information about Italy and is owned by a good friend named Jed. His blog is very useful for people who have plans of visiting Italy for a short period of time or even people who wants to stay in Italy permanently.

As I mentioned on the intro video, Jed and I did some sort of collaboration where he will give me 6 questions and each question will be answered by me using YouTube videos.

The sixth and final question Jed asked is “What is the best way for people to take advantage of your great teaching style and knowledge?

Few months ago, Italy Made Easy made it as the number 1 YouTube channel for learning Italian (wow!) and now, we’ve grown to over 22,000 subscribers and still counting (Thank you guys for all the support!)

So, how can people take advantage of my teaching and knowledge? That’s easy! First, subscribe to my YouTube channelItaly Made Easy. Everyday, I make sure that I add a video on my channel of at least one, or sometimes even more!

What do we have in my YouTube channel Italy Made Easy? Please see bullet points below:

  • Grammar Lessons
  • Italian Videos with Subtitles
  • Interactive Games
  • Comprehension Exercises
  • Language Learning Tips
  • Conversational Expressions
  • Live Videos
  • And many more!

Secondly, we also have a website that matches my YouTube channel. You may visit where you can find more resources like downloadable PDFs for the series.

Thirdly, (this is what makes me more excited about!) is the program that will revolutionize the way Italian is taught and I am very proud to introduce to you, it’s called ZERO TO ITALIAN.

What is ZERO TO ITALIAN? It is going to be the most complete method to learn Italian. This program is only for serious students because it will demand for your commitment to be able to learn Italian from zero to fluency!

To know more about ZERO TO ITALIAN, you may visit our Italy Made Easy website at or just go directly at

Do you want to learn Italian? Watch the video now to learn more!


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