Italy’s most amazing
magical & mysterious myths (Part 1)

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Who doesn’t love a good old folktale? Well, Italians are no exception… Perhaps even more so than the average person!

Italy is a beautiful but mysterious country, full of magical tales, myths and legends. In this episode of Italy Made Easy Podcast you will learn about these ancient stories originating from well-known Italian cities like Turin, Milan and Florence.

We will take you from the Duomo to the piazzas and from gardens to balconies! We will talk all about these fascinating Italian legends that you will never hear about in books about Italy.

Italy Made Easy Podcast is a language learning tool, not just yet another podcast.
It is a great way for you to work on your Italian Listening and Comprehension skills.  

Don’t just listen to this Episode as you would any other Podcast in your native language! 
You are here to improve your ability to speak and understand Italian, and you will if you use these resources strategically.

Below are clear and simple instructions on how you should use these learning materials.


  • Read the TRUE/FALSE questions below; they will help you focus on the main points you need to listen out for.


  • Listen to the audio once. Don’t focus on trying to understand every single word and sentence.
    The aim is to get the overall meaning. What is Manu talking about?
  • Listen to it again and see if you can pick out the key words and find the answers to the questions as you listen.
  • Listen to the audio as many times as you need – the more you listen the more you will understand. Try and identify words that you don’t know the meaning of and look them up.
    The most important thing is that you listen more than once!

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Here are your TRUE/ FALSE Comprehension questions.

You will find the answers to these questions and even more questions in the Bonus PDF.

1. I torinesi sanno dove si trovano le Grotte Alchemiche di Torino
The people of Turin know where the Grotte Alchemiche of Turin are located

2. Nostradamus è entrato ed uscito dalle Grotte Alchemiche
Nostradamus went in and came out of the Grotte Alchemiche

3. Si crede che nelle Grotte di Torino si trovi la Pietra Filosofale
It is believed that the Philosopher’s Stone can be found in the Grottos of Turin

4. Le Grotte Alchemiche si trovano sicuramente nei Giardini Reali
The Grotte Alchemiche are surely located within the Royal Gardens

5. Secondo la leggenda il Duomo di Milano è stato fatto dal Diavolo
According to legend, Milan’s Duomo was made by the Devil

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