Italy’s most breathtaking caves

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As you travel around Italy you surely have your head constantly raised as you admire the ornate buildings, ancient monuments and bell towers. Even when you leave the cities and explore the picturesque, lush and unspoiled natural areas, you are still spellbound by the beauty that surrounds you.

But did you know that Italy has a whole nother fantastic world to explore beneath your very feet? Well, there is! Italy has more than 33,000 caves, covering an underground area almost a third of the size of Italy. Many of these caves are miles long and hundreds of yards deep, while many others are still unexplored, how exciting!

The largest of these are truly a sight to behold. In this podcast episode we will talk about the grottos and caves that you simply must not miss while in Italy.

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    The aim is to get the overall meaning. What is Manu talking about?
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  • Listen to the audio as many times as you need – the more you listen the more you will understand. Try and identify words that you don’t know the meaning of and look them up.
    The most important thing is that you listen more than once!

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Here are your TRUE/ FALSE Comprehension questions.

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1. In Italia le grotte visitabili sono poche
In Italy there are few caves that you can visit

2. Tutte le grotte esistenti in Italia sono già state esplorate
Every existing cave in Italy has already been explored

3. Le Grotte di Pertosa-Auletta si trovano vicino a Salerno
The Pertosa-Auletta Caves are located near Salerno

4. Nelle Grotte di Pertosa-Auletta si sono tenuti spettacoli teatrali
Theatrical performances are held inside the Pertosa-Auletta Caves

5. La Grotta Azzurra ha reso famosa l’isola di Capri
The Blue Grotto made the island of Capri famous

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