Jump Start Your Italian [Part 1]

By Manu Venditti | All Levels

Jun 01

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Jump Start Your Italian [Part 1]

This video is the first part of the 3 lessons I prepared for you in this series that would help you learn Italian language easily and quickly.

In this video, we will focus on how to fast track your Italian language or ways to speed up the process of you learning Italian language.

At the end of this lesson, you will learn:
3 Tricks to Fast Track Your Italian
#1 Secret for Success in Speaking Italian
What to focus on when getting started

3 Tricks to Fast Track Your Italian

1. Focus on communication, not grammar perfection
For most of us, when we learn a language our main goal is to be able to communicate with the locals. If that’s your goal, you don’t need to perfect your grammar. If you focus your goal in being able to communicate using the language not worrying about having perfect grammar, you will improve faster.
2. Trust your instinct a lot more than you often do
Most of the time when you speak with an Italian, you have a sense of what they’re saying but you usually don’t trust yourself, that’s when communication breaks down. If you trust your instinct more, you will see that what you assume is happening is probably happening. This may not be all of the time but most of your interactions like buying things, asking things, or people showing you things.
3. Rely on context
Rely on context as much as possible because what happens in a usual situation in your country is going to happen in a similar way in Italy.

#1 Secret for Success in Speaking Italian

Speak Italian in Day 1 (UpWard Cycle)
If you have Italians around you, speak to them even if you know only a little about the language otherwise, speak to your family.

What to focus on when getting started

Work on your vocabulary
You should focus on your Italian vocabulary first if you’re planning to learn Italian language. Focus on the words that are very common or you will mostly use and from starting there your Italian language will eventually develop.

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