Language Tag: My Personal Experience Learning Languages

By Manu Venditti | Advanced


Language Tag: My Personal Experience Learning Languages

In this video I share my story of how I got started with languages, my struggles, my challenges, my successes.

This is not a lesson. It's video that has been requested many times by my readers/followers and it is finally here!

I will answer the following questions:

  1. what do you consider to be your native language?
  2. what was your first language learning experience?
  3. what languages have you studied and why did you start them?
  4. how does your personality affect how you learn languages?
  5. do you prefer learning languages in a class or individually?
  6. what are your favourite language learning materials?
  7. how much time do you spend actively learning per day/week?
  8. what are your short term and long term language learning goals?
  9. what is your favourite language?
  10. what is the next language you want to learn?
  11. what advice can you give to new language learners?

I go in detail in the video lesson, so please do take the time to watch it!

Guarda la Versione in italiano >>

Language Tag in Italian

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