By Manu Venditti | All Levels

Jan 27


Q: The verb INCONTRARE means “To meet”, but I’ve also heard CONOSCERE used as well.. why?

A: INCONTRARE has two meanings it depends on the tense you’re using. CONOSCERE means “To know/To meet for the first time”.


Q: What’s the difference between TU, TE, TI?

A: Tu as the subject pronoun you (informal), Te used after a preposition, Ti as the object of the verb.


Q: Why is it necessary to begin some sentences with A? Per esempio “A cosa sei vicino”.

A: In English you have a preposition that you can put at the end of a sentence. But in Italian you cannot end a sentence with prepositions, we can only put them at the beginning of the sentence.


Q: Come si dice [email protected] in Italiano? (How do you say [email protected] in Italian?)

A: [email protected] = CHIOCCIOLA


Q: How do we use the word PÌU?

A: PÌU means “More” (Ex: Pìu intelligente, Pìu veloce, Pìu piano, Pìu alto, Pìu bello) What confuses most, is when to say Di pìu and Pìu. But Di pìu is used when you want MORE of a verb (Ex: Devi studiare di pìu “You must study more”)


Q: What is the difference between LI and LA?

A: LI and LA both means “There” no difference.


Q: Difference between QUI and QUA?

A: QUI and QUA both means “Here” no difference.


Q: How to build up vocabulary fast?

A: Start finding out words that are similar between English and Italian. These are words in English that come from Latin. Words that are usually longer and have a lot of syllables Ex: Intelligent – Intelligente. And, find out pattern like Italian ending with -ZIONE /-SIONE (Station – Stazione) with this you’re expanding your vocabulary already.

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