Live Italian Lesson – The Prepositions DI and DA [Intermediate Level]

By Manu Venditti | Advanced

Jan 28

Live Italian Lesson – The Prepositions DI and DA [Intermediate Level]

Today’s topic is about The Prepositions DI and DA for Intermediate level students.

This is going to be a detailed lesson to show you the flexibility of DI and DA. First, let’s go to the basic: DI translates to “Of” (expressing the relationship between/possession ) and DA translates to “From” (used to show the place, distance or origin). Remember Italian doesn’t have the idea of ‘s (Apostrophe S) as possession, so you have to use the preposition DI.

Preposition DI

IL LIBRO DI FEDERICA – The book of Federica.
UN MAGLIONE DI LANA – A jacket of wool. (a jacket made of wool)
UN UOVO DI CIOCCOLATO – An egg of chocolate (a chocolate egg)
UN PACCO DI 2 CHILI – A pack/parcel of 2 kilos.
UN AMICO DI BERLINO – A Berlin friend (A German Friend) the person’s origin.
L’ISOLA DI CAPRI – The Island of Capri.
UN LIBRO DI CUCINA – A book or cooking.
CARTA D’IDENTITÀ – Card of identity (Identity Card).
PIÙ SAGGIO DI TE – Wiser of me (wiser than me) DI for comparison.
ANDARE DI CORSA / FRETTA – Go in a hurry
DI MATTINA DI DOMENICA – In the morning of sunday (sunday morning)
BEVO DEL SUCCO – Drinking some juice (DEL as some)
A DESTRA DI.. INVECE DI.. – To the right of.. Instead of.. (used for proximity)

Preposition DA

DA ROMA A MILANO – From Rome to Milan.
VENGO DA NETTUNO – I come from Nettuno.
UNA LEGGE APPROVATA DAL GOVERNO – A law approved by the government .
UN LIBRO SCRITTO DA PIRANDELLO – A book written by Pirandello.
È SVENUTO DALLA PAURA – Is fainted from fear.
NON DORMO DALLA GIOIA – (when you can’t sleep from too much happiness)
USCIRE DALLA MACCHINA – Get out from the car.
DIVERSO DA ME – Different from me.
DAL MECCANICO – To the mechanic.
DA BAMBINO DA STUDENTE – As a child.. As a student.
ABITO DA SERA – Dress for evening (evening dress).
COSTUME DA BAGNO – Costume for bathing (swimsuit).
SCHIUMA DA BARBA – Foam for the beard (shaving foam).
TEMPO DA PERDERE – Time to waste.
UN FILM DA VEDERE – A film to see.
NIENTE DA MANGIARE – Nothing to eat.
TI PARLO DA AMICO – I’m talking (to you) as a friend.

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