Live Interactive Italian Lesson: QUIZ CHALLENGE [Beginner Level]

By Manu Venditti | All Levels

Feb 10

Live Interactive Italian Lesson: QUIZ CHALLENGE [Beginner Level]

Today is a Beginner Lesson and we are going to play a Live Interactive Game. This is going to be fun and at the same time you will learn from it.

Ok, so here is how it works.

First using another device (phone,tablet or laptop) go to this website > and enter the code [ 86 76 99 ]. Then you will be registered to participate in the game. We have 12 Beginner Level questions you just have to select your answer.

Let’s start the game!

Practicing Verb Conjugation

Domani non (io) [lavorare]
(a) lavoro (b) lavoraro (c) lavora

Perchè (noi) non [mangiare] a casa?
(a) mangamo (b) mangiamo (c) mangiariamo

Marco e Stefano [essere] fratelli
(a) è (b) esono (c) sono

Oggi Marta non [avere] compiti
(a) a (b) ava (c) ha

Signora, che cosa [prendere] ?
(a) prenda (b) prende (c) prendi

Signore, che cosa [prendere] ?
(a) prenda (b) prende (c) prendi

Practicing Definite Articles

[?] Mela (apple)
(a) la (b) lo (c) il (d) le

[?] Fichi (figs)
(a) la (b) i (c) g (d) li

[?] ananas (pineapple)
(a) la (b) lo (c) l’ (d) gli

[?] Asparagi (asparagus, plural)
(a) i (b) le (c) gli (d) l’

[?] Università (universities)
(a) le (b) la (c) l’ (d) gli

[?] lamponi (raspberries)
(a) le (b) la (c) gli (d) i

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