Our Method

Have you ever tried to learn Italian before? 

Have you used all the apps? Have you tried the big name brands out there who offer Italian courses and programs? 

Did you put in countless hours of hard work and study to find that you still struggled to actually speak and understand Italian?

From our experience, the answer is very likely “Yes!” 
At least that’s what we hear from many of our thousands of elated students who tried everything else before they found Italy Made Easy.

Italian Flag
If you feel or have ever felt dejected after years of “failure” with learning Italian, let us first say this:  YOU ARE CAPABLE OF SPEAKING ITALIAN FLUENTLY! What you need to know is that it wasn’t YOU that failed, it wasn’t YOUR fault, it was the methods you used that FAILED YOU!

Why Do Other Methods Fail?

There are many reasons why other approaches to language learning fail you as a language learner. Some of them may seem very familiar to you. They might be the reason why you gave up on your Italian dreams in the past… 

But rejoice! 

The “Italy Made Easy Methods” combines the best aspect of most other methods, removing what is pointless or harmful to your success, or just pedagogically wrong! 

Using a “one size-fits-all” approach to language learning

As any linguist worth their salt will tell you, speakers of different languages have different needs, challenges and advantages when learning a new language. Using a “one-size-fits-all” approach cannot possibly address your specific needs as an English speaker. Even if the course, app, or program is delivered in English, it doesn’t mean it is designed specifically for you.

Teaching Italian
in Italian

This is a big one that we commonly see online! While some people argue that this is a great way to improve your listening and comprehension skills, the fact is that you shouldn’t be “practicing your listening skills” with explanations in Italian about concepts that you need to understand and learn.
This is a very inefficient way to learn a language as your brain will devote more resources to focus on understanding the words that are being said rather than absorbing the important information that you are supposed to be learning.
Moreover, if your Italian is already good enough to understand the explanation of a grammar or verb concept taught in Italian, then by logic you shouldn’t need the explanation, right?

Focusing too heavily on grammar

Let’s be honest- no one likes grammar. Don’t get us wrong though, grammar is a very important part of learning a language but it shouldn’t be the main focus. Memorizing strict grammar rules and countless verb conjugation tables is enough to overwhelm anyone! Focusing too much on grammar takes away from the real goal of learning a language… actually SPEAKING it!

Ignoring grammar altogether

While grammar should not be the focus of your learning journey, many methods totally ignore grammar, giving you no understanding of why something is done in a certain way. As adult, intelligent, curious learners, we are much better off knowing how a language works and the reasons why something is said in a way or another.
Grammar gives us a structure we can follow. Grammar gives us confidence.
The right amount of grammar, without the usual “fear factor” – typically students are punished for mistakes (what a silly concept!), will help you move faster.

Relying on memorization of vocabulary and set phrases

Apps and phrasebooks are major culprits for this. While many apps may be great for learning a ton of vocabulary, their use doesn’t really help you when you want to express yourself naturally and all you can say are random, isolated words!
Likewise, courses that get you to memorize set phrases may be OK to order a coffee or buy a train ticket (even if somewhat robotically), but in the real world, language is unpredictable and fluid, so the chances that someone will respond with the exact answer you memorized is not very high!

No exposure to real,
authentic Italian

This one lets a lot of people down and is a common, unfortunate experience of many learners of Italian. Say you’ve been studying Italian for a while now, you’re feeling confident and excited about your upcoming trip to Italy, then you arrive and can’t wait to show off your apparent Italian skills. What happens? With shock, you realise that you can’t understand or can barely follow anything that anyone is saying to you! They speak too fast! They have different accents! They use unfamiliar words! How utterly devastating…

Very few, if any, courses and programs actually expose their students to authentic, everyday spoken Italian, or at least nothing beyond snippets of single phrases or dictated passages – we think that’s crazy and makes no sense! If you’re really going to learn a language successfully, you need to learn to understand the real language as it is spoken by the people

You are often on your own

Whether you have tried to learn Italian online or in a classroom setting, the story is usually the same: You are just one number among many and don’t have the support or encouragement you need to excel in Italian. This can lead a lot of students to lose motivation when they feel confused, lost or left behind, and sadly, they may just give up altogether. Your success in learning Italian should be the goal of any legitimate Italian course or app, but unfortunately more often that not, it isn’t.