Italian Swearwords [Adult Content]

By Manu Venditti | All Levels


Italian swearwords (parolacce)? Not my usual cup of tea, but as a teacher of Italian for 2 decades, this must be the most frequent question I get asked!
So here they come!

WARNING: do not watch this video nor read the text below if swearwords bother you.

BUGGER! / SHIT! / CRAP! / FUCK! = CAZZO (literally “dick”)

FUCK YOU! = FANCULO / VAFFANCULO (literally “go get fucked in the butt”)



JERK / DICKHEAD = STRONZO (literally “turd”)

DICKHEAD = TESTA DI CAZZO (literally “head of dick” or “dickhead”)

CUNT = FREGNA (literally “cunt”, as in body part)

DICKHEAD (affectionate) = CAZZONE (literally “big dick”)

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