Verbi Riflessivi [Reflexive Verbs]

By Manu Venditti | Advanced


Jonas asks:

Ho molta difficoltà a capire l’uso dei Verbi Riflessivi. Potresti spiegare?
I have extremely difficulties understanding when to use: VERBI RIFLESSIVI.  Could you explain?


Or is it… Impersonal Statements?

Marta si veste molto bene.
Luca si sente male.

Nel nord Italia non si usa il Passato Remoto.

SI USA = one uses

* SI USA = it uses itself

SI PARLA = one speaks

*SI PARLA = he/she speaks (to) him/herself

SI ABITA = one lives

SI VESTE = dresses herself
CI SI VESTE = one dresses oneself

  • Pretend Reflexive Verbs do not exist
  • Use Reflexive Pronouns before verbs when subject and object are the same
  • Remember the difference between Impersonal Statements (only use SI) and Reflexive concepts (use 5 different pronouns, one of which is SI)

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