La mia famiglia – Vlog in italiano #1

By Manu Venditti | Advanced

La mia famiglia – Vlog in italiano #1


Hey guys what's up?

Hello, I am Manu and this is Italy Made Easy. And welcome to this first vlog of mine!
Please be good and give it the thumbs up, ok? Please!

OK, so now I want to speak in Italian and I will tell you about something relatively easy.
That is, I will talk about myself and my family. OK?

This video is subtitled, so remember to enable subtitles. All right? So …

My name is Emanuele, I'm Italian. I was born in a town, or in a little town called Nettuno, in the province of Rome, which is on the sea. A very very nice little town, it is a medieval village. There is, there are many castles, the sea, and the “borgo” (the Medieval fort) … it's really nice!

Nettuno is famous for three things: for baseball, for the landing of the Americans during the Second World War, and for a saint, Santa Maria Goretti, and there is a sanctuary, a church and so on. And we have many pilgrims who come on pilgrimage … every day!

So, I have an older sister, her name is Federica, hey Fede! Federica is very beautiful and forty … forty three years old? I think, I do not know, more or less! She's three years older than me… I'm forty, so she is forty three years!

Federica has a fi …. boyfriend? Husband? Well, they are not married, anyway! She has a partner!
His name is Hedi. Hedi is Tunisian, from Tunisia. And together they have a a very very very beautiful girl my niece Jasmine.

So, my parents' names are Rosalba and Antonello, they are Italian, both of them, they are from Rome. Dad is from Rome and mom is from Nettuno and they are a very dynamic couple, friendly, they are very, what's the word, “pimpanti”. OK?

“Pimpanti”? Pimpanti means lively, vibrant! They like to travel and often go on vacation, they come to Australia, they go to Venezuela, they travel the world with their friends.

So, this is my first vlog in Italian. I spoke about my family and it is an “easy” topic but not particularly easy because I used difficult words, probably!

Let me know what you think, if you have understood, what you got.

Actually, in the comments, please, write to me, more or less, according to you, how much you got, what percentage.
Did you understand fifty percent? Eighty percent? Ten percent? It does not matter. OK?

The important thing is to listen and get used to the Italian sound. That's why I make these videos. OK?

See you in the next vlog! A kiss, ciao ciao!

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