Si muore dal caldo (it’s crazy hot!) – Vlog in italiano #15

By Manu Venditti | Advanced

Nov 13

Hello folks, how are you? I am Manu and I am sweaty! Yes, forgive me, but today I will be making the shorter video in history because here where I am it’s super hot, there must be, I don’t know, more than 30 degrees, but most of all, there is a 70% humidity, so it’s incredibly muggy, can’t even breathe, and I cannot possibly stay here in the studio since it’s really really hot, and I don’t want to be recording a video with my phone because with the phone the audio is not very good and I prefer to always use my trusty microphone. So forgive me if this video is very short. I promise that next week’s video will me much more interesting and much longer! But now I would like to remind you about something that you may not have noticed from a previous video, and that is that now there is an address that you can use to send me whatever you want! So, if you have a postcard, a letter,a card, whatever, you can mail to this address: Italy Made Easy, PO BOX 466, Mooloolaba, QLD, 4557, Australia. Oh my god, OK folks, we’ll see each other next week! I didn’t say this, but I am Manu and this is the Italy Made Easy channel. But let’s go for a swim in the ocean, coz here I’m dying! Ciao ciao! Have a great Sunday everybody and see you next week! Ciao!

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