3 Italian Youtube Channels – Vlog in italiano #17

By Manu Venditti | Advanced


Hi folks and welcome back to this 16th vlog in Italian by Italy Made Easy. My name is Manu, Manu Venditti, and I’m your Italian teacher here on Youtube. This video is for intermediate and advanced students, but obviously, you are invited to follow me and watch my videos in Italian! Obviously! Today I would like to continue with what I started in last week’s vlog. I’d like to talk to your about Youtube Channels, made for Italians by Italians (or not necessarily), that can help you learn the Italian language, the pronunciation, the vocabulary, the slang, the sayings, etc. For today I have 4 channels that I’d like to introduce you to. The first channel is a recipes channel. It’s called “My Personal Trainer TV” and there’s Alice who, without fail, prepares fantastic videos of very creative recipes.The good thing about Alice, from a language point of view, obviously, is that she speaks very clearly, she speaks at a relatively OK speed and, at the beginning of each recipe, she publishes exactly all the ingredients and you can, from the beginning of the video, listen to what she says and read it at the same time, all the ingredients, the quantities, etc. Then, during the video, she is very visual and she comments on and describes exactly what she is doing. OK, another completely different channel is one called Yotobi, hosted by Karim who, basically, created his own talk show, and he mostly speaks about cinema. So his field is cinema. If you are interested in cinema, then this channel is very useful because, first, Karim speaks Italian beautifully, he speaks very clearly; he does not have guests, so he talks to the camera by himself, just like I am doing now and this makes it easier to understand him… and yep, his videos are very useful from a linguistic point of view, since he talks about different topics, depending on the movie he’s describing, obviously. OK, let’s keep going with another channel, called Savv Fabb. It’s Saverio’s channel, another translator and linguist just like me. His videos are… there are also videos in English, but many videos are in Italian and, once again, his Italian is very easy to understand. It’s the Italian of a linguist so, evidently, he’s a bit more careful at how he expresses himself in Italian. Without subtitles, ma thanks to the quality of his Italian, these videos could really help you learn new vocabulary and expressions. OK, that’s all folks, I’ll see you next week, when I will talk to you about a channel that is very close to my heart. It’s an American girl who makes extremely, extremely good videos. It’s an incredibly useful channel for native English speakers learning Italian, and you’ll understand why next week. OK? Ciao ciao!

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