Video in Italian – Youtube Channel on Life in Italy [Vlog #18]

By Manu Venditti | Advanced


Hello folks and welcome back, I am Manu and this is Italy Made Easy. And today we keep talking about Youtube channels that, in my opinion, can help you. But today’s channel is a bit different, since it is not an Italian who produces these videos, and many of these videos are not in Italian. So, why I am telling you about it? Well, because this channel is extremely, extremely informative and, I think, it gives you information that you would not be able to find anywhere else, not even on Italy Made Easy. So, that’s why I want to talk to you about… Tia Taylor’s channel. So, Tia is an American girl who moved to Italy. Therefore, she lives in Italy with her Italian partner. Tia’s videos belong to different categories. So, the main purpose of Tia’s channel is fashion. So if you like fashion, you can follow Tia because she talks about fashion. For me… I’m sorry… but I am not very interested in fashion, but I am very interested in Tia’s channel because she provides particularly well researched videos where she compares Italy and America, the United States. These videos are extremely well made; they portray her opinion in an impartial manner, where she basically gives an opinion on the American and Italian systems, and she talks about the pros and the cons of each system. So, for example, you will find videos in which Tia compares the university systems, American and Italian, or the world of employment, working in the States and working in Italy. A video… another very useful video is on the healthcare system, that is the “medical system” in the United States as opposed to the one in Italy. The latest video she posted was… on marriage, so, how people get married, and when, in America and when in Italy. So, why am I saying that this channel is useful? Coz, you could say that, first “the channel is in English!!” and, second, that “she speaks about America!!?”…. No! Tia talks extensively about Italy because she loves Italy, but she is also very critical and she, therefore, gives you the exactly the truth about Italy. If you are not American, it doesn’t matter, since in these videos where she compares (the two countries), you can learn a lot about how Italy works; from a point of view of society, from a point of view of politics of economic, etc. For this reason I warmly suggest you watch Tia’s videos. I am also trying to get her as a guest here, so you can say hello to her! Another interesting thing about Tia’s channel… since most of her audience are italians, her videos in English are subtitled in Italian… so… that’s right! You can watch her videos in English and read the Italian translation, and, in a reverse fashion, learn Italian in this way too! Anyway, I suggest you have a look (at her channel). Now let’s watch a couple of clips together and then we’ll say goodbye. Very well folks, try and check out Tia’s channel. Subscribe her Tia’s channel and to mine, if you aren’t a subscriber already, and we’ll see each other next week. Ciao!

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