Video in Italian – Ci siamo trasferiti / We moved! [Vlog #19]

By Manu Venditti | Advanced


Hello folks and welcome back. I’m Manu and I am dead tired! Yes! So, today I’m making a completely different vlog from what I had planned. I’m making a vlog where I tell you – surely not on camera since I’m almost embarrassed – where I tell you about my day. No, I’m not telling you about my day, but today something important happened, both for me and for you, I believe. It’s that Italy Made Easy moved out of my home and into an office so here I am, since this morning, in this office, when I have been working and working and working, I’ve had to re-organize everything, blah blah blah. Anyway, this is a very beautiful space and, starting today, I will be producing my videos here, in this space, so they will be a bit different. I’ll show you the office and describe things as we see them. Very well, this is the hall, look how pretty. Keep in mind that it’s 5pm in the evening, so it’s a bit dark. So, let’s see. It’s all made of wood. Here there’s a sad tree, that we haven’t decorated yet. There are lots of desks, with some very peculiar stools, it’s feels like standing up (when sitting on them). Over there you can see the window, with the office chairs and over there in the background you can see some buildings, the cars, the traffic lights, the trees, the usual things that one can see from windows, obviously. And, coming back inside, we turn around and we can see the kitchen, which is a very beautiful and well organized kitchen. Over there is a copper bowl and the coffee maker, my best friend, over there we see the faucet, with hot and cold water, the fridge over there at the bottom. There it is. And, just around the corner, we find other chairs with some fake plants, I believe. And there we have the printing area, with everything you need to photocopy and print. These are private rooms, so to speak, and it’s from here that I will record the majority of the videos for Italy Made Easy, even though, unfortunately, I will no longer have my trusted green screen. That was me in the reflection. Over there is a gorgeous balcony, and this is my desk, where I do my admin work, editing, emailing etc. Now, if I can, I’ll open the door. Here we go, let’s go out, it’s a beautiful day. OK, this was the tour on the new Italy Made Easy studio. I hope you like it. I’m giving you a big hug, a kiss and I’ll be seeing you next week. Ciao!

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