Manu ha l’influenza – Vlog in italiano #5

By Manu Venditti | Advanced


Hi guys! How are you? I am Manu and this is Italy Made Easy, And today is a rather strange day! So, as you know or may not know, I had the flu, which is something quite rare and exceptional, so I was a bit sick, I took some drugs, I was in bed and I did not make a lot of videos. I usually do not take medicines but this week I had to go to work, as you know, I teach at the university, and I have students waiting for me so I took all the medicines I could take … aspirin … well, mostly aspirin! However, yesterday I was feeling a lot better and I thought about driving to the shops for groceries I get in the car and… flat battery! … so it's not my week. So I called the roadside assistance, they came, they started my car and as you know when you jump start your car you have to drive, you have to go round for a bit. So I thought about going to the national park. I drove for half an hour, I got there, beautiful, I shot some footage for you with my phone and thought to myself “this is a perfect blog” because it is a very beautiful national park, the beach is beautiful, there were surfers, there were a few animals … I got home and started editing the footage, but the software I use decided to not work and to not export the video, so “in extremis”, as a last emergency measure, I am making this short video because it is already late, no, this is not a watch! …It's already eight o'clock, and once I finish the video I will have to add the credits, opening and closing credits, the words, the subtitles in Italian, the subtitles in English, upload to Yotube … In short, it will be a long night so I say goodbye to you, I hope I get well, and I promise you that next week I will be much better and much more diligent. In the meantime, have you learned any expressions with this video? Because do not forget that even when I “just” speak, I don't speak just to speak, I do not prattle, as they say in Italian. All that I say to you in these videos is well planned, even if it might not appear like that. My goal is to always teach you something, even in a 2-minute video, in a 3-minute video there is always something for you to learn. This week, what do we have? On Monday we have the series on the top ten mistakes
you might be making in Italian. Sorry for the English! So the 10 most important mistakes you are probably making when you speak Italian! On Tuesday we Ask Manu Italian. On Thursday Italian Accelerator, and then there are other things I'm doing for you. I am preparing … we have shadowing videos, but we also have a series that will begin very soon about verbs, the conjugation of verbs. So stay tuned, as they say on television, and see you soon. A kiss, ciao!

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