Solitario Italiano – Vlog in italiano #7

By Manu Venditti | Advanced

Sep 04

Hi guys, I’m Manu and this is Italy Made Easy. Today I would like to show you a solitaire game I used to play as a child with these cards. It is the most stupid solitaire in the world, so forgive me if it’s really stupid but I used to like it very much because it is a simple solitaire where you don’t need intelligence or shrewdness, you only need a lot of luck and so it was perfect for a child. So we begin with shuffling the cards. I’m not very good at shuffling, but … OK? So these are the shuffled cards. Perfect… After that, we lay then down in a specific way, for which I used to tell a story as a child The story I would tell is that this is a 4-storey hotel with nine rooms on each floor, so we have 3, 6, 9. Ta-da! Very well, so, as you see we are left with four cards. These are our lives. Imagine a video game, OK? Because that’s what I used to think as a child! Then we take the first card and it’s a two, so this corresponds to room number 2 of the Hotel. That is, this entire row here, because this is room number one, this is room number 2. I decide which floor corresponds to which suit.  What you want the floor for Coppe to be?  This one? Perfect! Then, we take this card… and it’s a nine. So this goes into hotel room number 9 for the Coppe level. Here. So, what’s this? Do you remember? This is an Ace of spade, we put it here. Ace means one … We decide that this level is for Spade, for example. Five of Bastoni … then 1 2 3 4 5 … But not here. We can put it here or here. Let’s put it here. Five of Bastoni. Six of Spade. Ace of bastoni … Aaaah! And he found a King. When we pick a King, we lost a life because there is no room number 10. So pzz … so … Let’s try again with eight of Bastoni. It goes here. Seven of Denari … Now this is the floor for Denari, so ou seven goes here. Eight. Oh, no … no !!! Already a King! What the heck! Five of Coppe, 2 3 4 5 … here. Two of Spade. Seven. Eight. Ace of Denari. Six of Denari. Four. The six of Bastoni goes here. Oh … I was wrong !! Oh well ‘, we’ll cheat a little, OK? OK … I cheated, sorry! Nine of Bastoni. Nine of Denari. Ace of Coppe. This is going well. There you go … bummer! Ten … We still have one life guys. One life. Two of Bastoni. Hope this goes well. The goal of the game, of course, is to fill all the rooms. And I have not filled them!!! Nooo! Alright! This is my very very stupid solitaire game, but it is also good fun if you’re a kid,if you are Manu. OK guys, I’ll say goodbye. See you next time! Ciao! Kiss!

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