Una Passeggiata nel Parco con Manu (A Walk in the Park with Manu) – Vlog in italiano #10

By Manu Venditti | Advanced


Hi guys, I’m Manu and this is Italy Made Easy, and today you are at the beach with me. One of my favourite, or preferred beaches. I’ll show you a little, but the sun isn’t shining up high yet since it’s… it’s 7am. I got here at 5:30 because I like to come to the beach early. So what can we see in the background? So, we obviously see some rocks, stones, the waves are almost non-existing today so there are absolutely no waves. And what else can we see? Hold on… there’s almost nobody, down there there is someone… yes, there’s a family getting ready for the day and behind me, as you can see, hold on, there’s the path with people walking etc. So, throughout the day I will… throughout the day I will show you other clips so I can understand a little where I am…. Alright, I’ll see you later, ciao ciao! Let’s start our walk in the very beautiful national park, called Noosa National Park, here is Australia. It’s a wonderful day; the sun is shining, it’s a pleasant temperature. Look at the view! There’s a lot of vegetation and a very beautiful clear ocean. Here I am walking, I decided to do something weird and there you can see my cap peeking in. Despite the early time in the morning, was roughly 7am, we can see that there are plenty of people walking, exercising… Over there in the background there’s a boat, maybe a sailboat, but without the sail, because I can see the mast. The rocks are of a gorgeous dark gray, they are surely of volcanic origin. Here are the branches, there’s a even a flying branch, a broken branch that someone manages to stay up! And over there we can see people on their stand up paddles, going around the island. Here you can see my shadow and a bench, a beautiful bench with a breathtaking view, which, after all, is how this whole day and experience are: breathtaking. Here I am doing something dangerous, no I’m kidding! But I am afraid of heights so… and here I am admiring this cliff, later you’ll see how high it is. It is called “Hell’s Gates” and you can imagine why. Because here the ocean is usually very very violent and very strong, but today it was extra calm! Can you see the people, how small they are? There you go, that’s how big is this… cliff! And over there we can see a beautiful beach with white sand, a very long beach, I don’t know exactly how long, but at least a couple of kilometers, with a couple of swimmers. Usually there are surfers here but today there are… there are no waves so there are no surfers! Here are the waves, breaking on the shore edge. Here comes a wave… Bam! With all it’s foam. I can say that the water temperature is very very pleasant, refreshing but enjoyable nonetheless. Look at that, there are fish inside the wave. Did you see them? I’ll show you again. Look! Careful! There they are, the fish! And this is the cool thing about having a Samsung Galaxy 7, it goes under water! This is my bird-friend, I don’t know exactly the names of birds in Italian, so I don’t know what this one is called, but listen to its song! And here we have some particularly beautiful flowers, they look like they are made of paper, have a look! Basically paper petals! And here we find a surprise: an insect, a bee, I don’t know, eating the pollen from the flowers, well, collecting the pollen from the flower. And on the way back, one last look at another beach that usually doesn’t have beachgoers but only surfers, but on a day like this we all took advantage of… to go for a swim in the crystal clear water. Perfect guys, I hope you liked this walk in the National Park and at the beach with me, and I will see you next week for another vlog in Italian. Ciao ciao!

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