La Mia Giornata (my day) – Vlog in italiano #14

By Manu Venditti | Advanced


Hello folks and welcome back! My name is Manu and this is Italy Made Easy! Welcome to this vlog, 100% in Italian!
Today I would like to talk to you about my day. Why? Just because! To do something different! It wasn’t a particularly interesting day… but why not talk about it! Perché? Così, per fare qualcosa di diverso! NOn è stata una giornata particolarmente interessante… ma perché non parlarne! So, today is Sunday. I woke up, as usual, at around 6 this morning. It was very hot and the room was very bright, because I don’t shut the curtains when I go to bed. I like to wake up with natural light. I woke up at 6 and, instead of doing what I usually do, that is, to get up and start my day, I stayed in bed, for a bit, just, just to pamper myself, for a couple of hours, watching a few episodes of a new sitcom, a cute one. It’s called “Unbreakable”. I don’t know what it’s called in Italian, yet! It’s a series… so to speak… it’s a cute sitcom, a bit silly, on the light side. Once I finished watching a few episodes, I got up, I made myself a nice coffee, actually, two! And then I sat down at my computer, to work a little at my job as a university teacher. Why? I had a few exams to mark. I had some essays to mark, so I worked a couple of hours marking the essays. I marked these students’ essays, some very good, some a bit less, this time, and that's it! Then, what did I do? fter marking the essay, I went to the kitchen, I cooked a bit, I tidied the house up, cleaned and then, at around 2pm, I went to the beach, where I met two of my friends: Izabella and Cristian. And we stayed there, at the beach. I gorgeous day, so hot, so sunny, the ocean is so beautiful, clean, there were also a few waves. Unfortunately I still can’t swim because my rib, this one, the broken one, still hurts, ouch! But I can still get in the water, which is a victory for me! And, after the beach, I came home, I made a few calls and now, very late, it’s 7pm, I am recording this vlog for you! So, what’s missing? I will say goodbye, very soon, I will transcribe the video, the I will translate it, then I will upload it to Youtube and I will add subtitles and then you will watch it and, please, leave a comment! Cheers! Ciao ragazzi!

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