Il Caffè con la Schiuma – Vlog in italiano #4

By Manu Venditti | Advanced


Hi guys, good morning, how are you? I am Manu and this is Italy Made Easy!

And today I want to talk about coffee, Italian coffee.

You may already know that in Italy there is a strong coffee culture, let's see how they make coffee in Italy.

So, here's the secret. We use this gadget, which is a coffee maker, some call it “Mocha”, some call it “caffettiera”.

And I, how do I call it? … caffettiera, I think!

OK, so where can you find it? If they don't sell it in a local store, you can just get it off eBay, or Amazon … it's supereasy, OK? The important thing is that it is made out of aluminum, OK?

I like it enamelled, but they usually are of this color, metallic, OK?

This is a good brand: Bialetti, you can't read it because it's a bit ruined, but it is a good appliance nonetheless.

So what is the secret? When you buy a new coffee maker you have to wash it, rinse it but without using soap. This is the number one secret: never use soap or detergent with a coffee maker … never ever ever!

For this reason, after a while ‘it starts looking disgusting!

It must look disgusting, OK? If you use soap, the aluminum will absorb (the detergent) and then ruin the coffee, OK? So do not use soap.

The second secret? When you buy a caffettiera you have to prepare 2 … 2, 3, 4, 5 even 10 coffees to throw out: you make coffee and throw it out, you make coffee and throw it out … after 5-6 times you can begin to drink it, OK? At first the coffee sucks, it does not taste good when you use this caffettiera, or any other caffettiera.

So how do you prepare it? Now let's see how to prepare the coffee.

I will show you exactly how I prepare it with the froth, OK, which is something we do in many Italian households. I use this brand, OK? Lavazza.

Lavazza, you can definitely find it in your supermarket.

Another very very good brand is Illy, but it is very expensive, even in Italy, it is very very dear. Lavazza is not that expensive and it's good.

Here you see the caffettiera? It is made of three pieces: the base, the filter and the top part. Here we put the water, just plain tap water, we fill it up to this level.

Here is the valve … we put the water up to this level. Perfect!

We place the filter. The important thing is that there is no water here. You see, now it is dry?

OK? Because the water does not reach there. Perfect.

Now we take the coffee that I hold here, and we put a few teaspoons of coffee.

I do not know exactly how many, it depends on the caffettiera. This is a caffettiera for two coffees, OK? Perfect.

Then when you put the coffee, you make a little mountain, you see the mountain? And you don't need to press it down, you do not press it down, because this … will!

So now we take it, we close it, help! Voila! And this is ready to go on the stove. Then, an important thing of… of coffee making… you have to use the lowest possible flame.

For the froth we need sugar, So, I personally do not use sugar but for this demonstration I'll show you how to prepare the froth.

Ideally we use a smaller cup but this one is made of glass so you can see.

So, since we are making coffee for two people, even though I am alone … unfortunately to make the froth we need a lot of sugar, so we are going to count 3 teaspoons of sugar per person … it's so much sugar! So we have 6 teaspoons of sugar for this coffee maker. We have 1 2 3 4 5 6 A LOT!

OK, as you can see the first coffee is out. With this first coffee we put a few drops, just a few, and we begin to turn.

We need a bit more, but not very much!

Now let's pour the coffee.

We have two espresso. Two espressos.

And now we take a teaspoon of froth, we put it there. Apologizes for the finger, sorry.

And another teaspoon here. Oops!

And then we stir. Look what happens …

espresso, just like at the cafe! Perfect, this is coffee with froth just like we make it in Italy. OK, ciao ciao!

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