SPEAK ITALIAN FASTER [beginner level – live lesson]

By Manu Venditti | All Levels

SPEAK ITALIAN FASTER [beginner level – live lesson]

Shadowing is an exercise for language learners where they can imitate a native speaker. So, what we are going to do today is just a sample of how shadowing works. I’m going to speak about random phrases in Italian and you will repeat what I’m saying. Try to sound exactly like me.

No, ma dai, che dici?
– No, come on, what are you saying?

Ma davvero?
– Realy?

Dici sul serio?
– Are you serious?

No non ci credo!
– No, I do not believe it!

Allora guarda, io ho parlato con Martina e lei m’ha detto che e tutto OK.
– So look, I spoke with Martina and she told me that everything OK.

Se non ci credi puoi telefonarle e te lo dice anche lei.
– If you don’t believe it you can call her and she will tell you the same.

Helpful shadowing materials:
– movies
– series
– my [YouTube] videos
– other videos that have accurate subtitles

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